Can Christmas be done on a Budget?

With christmas is coming up everyone will be rushing around to find there perfect presents for everyone. As students money is one of the main problems and spending money you don’t have can be a problem, especially living in London.

Although christmas can be stressful reporters Maddie Binns and Laura Finkler went to see what peoples top tips are for doing christmas on a budget. We wanted to see if anyone had any hidden shops or markets to find the perfect presents for your friends and family. Bianca Bernardy, an LSBU student told us about her christmas shopping hacks, “I normally go to Camden Market or Bricklane on a Sunday, its good because people who don’t live in London can’t put a price on the gift, its a bit cheeky, but what they don’t know wont hurt them, I guess. Theres always loads of little stalls so you can more or less find what you need.” If markets are your thing there are plenty in London with cheap alternatives for presents, places like Old Spitalfields Market, Hackney Flea Market, Bethnal Greens Art market and of course Portobello Market.

Its understandable however if you don’t want to be walking around markets all day to find the perfect present. There are plenty of shops that slide under the radar each year, Johnny Maughan told us a couple of his favourite places to go present hunting, “I always find the perfect gift for my mum on and theres also Prezzybox which has almost every gift you can imagine for an extremely reasonably price.”

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