Is Anyone Still Going Out?

Is anyone still getting dressed up and going out on a Friday or Saturday night, apparently staying in is the new going out.

London’s high-street stores and hotels have come up with a new way of tempting us out of our houses, however instead of going out they’re calling it going in. John Lewis on Oxford Street is one of the first shops to host pyjama parties, including champagne on arrival and plenty of pampering.

Each luxury ‘grown-up’ sleepover part is located on the third floor of John Lewis on Oxford street, where the floor has been transformed into an indulgent massive bedroom. According to the founders, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan the idea is not to stay overnight but rather to take some time out for yourself and your friends so the third floor of John Lewis could be yours for two hours to do whatever you like. Whether you get a massage or fill up on the midnight feast pantry the concept is to completely relax, there is even a Bobbi Brown counter on hand if yo9u fancy popping out after.

I asked a couple of young woman to see if they would be interested ‘going in’ on Friday night, Aleah, 26, a personal shopping assistant in Topshop said, “Wow that sounds amazing, I’d defiantly go and do that, I think it would make me want to go out after though if I was having champagne with all my friends.” Sarah, a makeup artist said, ‘I think that’s such a good idea, I might try and get a job there, it sounds amazing.”  John Lewis isn’t the only place that is starting to offer this kind of night in, Shertaton Park Lane Hotel launching the ‘staying in night out’ and many more shops around London are contemplating this new idea. So it sounds like next year everyone will be having crazy nights ‘going in’ all weekend.

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