New political party launches in 2018

Renew is a new political party aiming to stop Brexit and create a new vision for UK politics. The party, set up in 2017, believes that there needs to be a fresh idea in politics an approach that responds to the diverse needs of today’s Britain. Their aim is to stand as a voice for everyone, regardless of age, location, identity and background. The party is so far on the way to recruiting and training 650 candidates to stand in every constituency for Parliament.

The party has openly said that they are not going to follow the traditional from as done by all the other political parties, there is not one main leader within the party, instead the party is led by 3 individuals that feel passionately about their policies. One of these core policies it to stop Brexit, Sandra Khadhouri, the head of communications within the party Said, “Brexit was a wakeup call that has left the country divided, a symptom of deep discontent and inequality and unfairness in our society and we feel that many people were lied to.”

The party may find it tough to break out given that mainstream opinion in the two major parties in the UK are set on leaving the EU and a large amount of the UK public share similar views.

As for what comes next, the Head of strategy, James Torrance said, “Firstly we are starting out a listen to Britain tour where we will be traveling through the UK. We will be visiting candidates giving them support and training, we will be doing public meetings and university meeting so we can engage young students as the decisions we make now will be the ones most important for their generation.”

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