Palayle Royale, Electric Brixton

Self-described ‘fashion art rock band’ Palaye Royale arrived on the UK music scene 2 years ago, starting with small venues around Camden, the Canadian glam rock band have now inspired a whole new ‘youth generation’ with their energetic glamorous sound and image. After their set on the introduction stage at slam dunk festival, Palaye Royale sold out their first UK tour with Electric Brixton being the host for their final leg of the tour.

From the moment the band walked out against the opulent backdrop, the whole room undulated and did not stop. Touring with their new album, ‘Boom Boom Room’, it is safe to say that the band certainly lived up to the title as the whole venue exploded and the roaring crowds carried on throughout the entirety of the 90 minute set. The atmosphere was infectious and Remington (lead vocals) couldn’t express his feelings regarding how significant the entire night had been, stating that it had been a childhood dream of his. The performance harkened back to performance art with a message abundant in the 90’s, especially when Remington wrapped the microphone cord around his neck, most certainly grabbing the attention of the whole room, which gave the impression that the performance was a rhetoric for society’s current attitudes towards mental health, sexual promiscuity and consent. As the set continued, Remington, now topless with the room filled with a chaotic and sweaty swarm of eager fans, continued his enthusiastic performance throughout the rest of the show.

With the gig coming to an end, the bands appreciation for the ‘Royale Council’, the self-titled group of dedicated fans, was apparent when they began throwing  anything they could get their hands on into the crowd. Sebastian, lead guitarist, threw his guitar, Remington his top and Emerson one of his drums. It is safe to say that fans of the band received a thought out and throughly thrilling performance by one of todays most forward-thinking bands.

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