Before jetting off for a huge US tour, YUNGBLUD managed to leave the UK with a number of triumphant shows under their belt, their final show at the iconic London venue The Garage. Emerging from Northern England YUNGBLUD bring an explosion of raw energy and thought-provoking lyrics.

With fans queuing from the early hours of the morning to grab the barrier spot the venue is bursting. As YUNGBLUD appears onstage, Dominic Harrison struts from one side to another screaming “let’s fucking have it’ the crowd erupts as Harrison bounds around the stage you begin to find yourself transfixed on him as his energy and passion is infectious. Once the Yorkshire front man has teased his fans enough with his on stage bravado he launches into ‘21st Century Liability’. The genuine excitement behind the bands performances really makes each song strangely personal even through the chaos.

As the set continued the momentum of the evening hadn’t weakened and you’d expect nothing less from self-proclaimed “socially conscious artist, unafraid of delivering genre bending protest songs.’ Harrison pours his heart into each song and begins welling up while singing an acoustic version of ‘Kill Somebody’.

Ensuring the atmosphere doesn’t alter after a rather emotional performance Dominic quickly screams “fuck me man! This is fucking crazy’ easing the crowd back into the mayhem as they leap into ‘I Love You Will You Marry Me’ continued by an unreleased song ‘Loser’. As the gig was coming to an end and the crowd still chanting for more, Dom leaves his fans insisting everyone stays behind for a meet and greet. Once the band has all expressed how grateful they are the finished with ‘Psychotic Kids’.

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